Angus Robertson calls out Theresa May over 'embarrassing' and ‘screeching’ Budget U-turn

“We once had a PM who said the lady is not for turning,” the SNP leader in Westminster said

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Angus Robertson has called out Theresa May over the Government’s “embarrassing” and “screeching” U-turn on budget measures announced just last week.  

Speaking after Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, announced a humiliating U-turn on the Government’s plan to hike National Insurance Contributions, the SNP leader in Westminster also appeared to shake his head while the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke.

“We once had a Prime Minister who said the lady is not for turning,” he said. “My goodness. Isn’t it welcome the Prime Minister is for turning with her screeching, embarrassing U-turn on National Insurance Contributions?”

He continued: “Only days remain until the PM will invoke Article 50 on leaving the European Union. Last July she promised to secure a UK wide approach – an agreement – between the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the UK Government before triggering Article 50. So when will  the PM announce the details of the agreement.

But Ms May dodged the comments on the NIC hike, simply adding that she will invoke Article 50, the mechanism for leaving the EU, before the end of March and that there will be “an opportunity” during that period for discussions with the devolved administrations.

The Prime Minister also warned the SNP against “constitutional game-playing” after coming under pressure to offer the devolved administrations a say before activating Article 50. She added that the UK had been “one country” for 300 years and that the “deep bonds” between the nations must not be shaken by moves to give Scotland another referendum.

The confrontation came just two days after Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, made the surprise announcement that a second independence referendum is now back on the agenda and the SNP will seek an Section 30 notice at Holyrood.