Angus Robertson in emotional plea to Theresa May over Syrian crisis 'descending into hell'

'Time is absolutely of the essence,' warns SNP leader in Westminster

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Theresa May has been warned the humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo has "descended into hell" and that the UK Government must take immediate action to alleviate the crisis.

During an emotional speech at PMQs on Wednesday, SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson asked the Prime Minister what the UK and international community could do to end the suffering of the people of Syria.

In response, the Prime Minister agreed that Mr Roberston was right to bring up the issue and said the UK was working with France to bring forward emergency discussions in the UN Security Council.

Mr Roberston then said: “It’s extremely welcomed that the discussions are taking place at the United Nations and we wish success to all of those who are supporting a humanitarian solution to alleviate the crisis there.

“However, the agencies are saying that in Aleppo the situation is so bad that it is descending into hell.

"Time is absolutely of the essence. I know the Prime Minister and I are in agreement. Please can I appeal to her. Can absolutely everything be done now to alleviate the situation of the poor people of Aleppo and of Syria."

Mrs May responded by saying: "We have consistently looked at the possible solutions to see if there are other avenues we can press for.

"I think the security council debate is very important, and there’s an important message to send to Russia, that they actually use their influence with the Assad regime to stop these appalling atrocities and let humanitarian aid through."

It comes following a stark warning from the French ambassador ahead of the emergency meeting at the UN Security Council that the situation in Syria could soon become one of the “biggest massacres of civilian population since World War Two”.

The bombardment of Aleppo has escalated dramatically over recent days, with at least 45 civilians reported to have been killed on Wednesday after an artillery missile hit dozens of families as they attempted to flee the west of the city.

Following the attack, which is said to have been launched by the regime, dozens of bloodied bodies of women and children with rucksacks could be seen on the street in the Jeb al-Qubba neighbourhood where the missile struck.

Yasser Al-rahil, Syrian journalist and member of the Revolutionary Forces of Syria media office, told The Independent civilians in besieged Aleppo were giving up hope. He said: “People in besieged Aleppo have nothing. It’s like they are waiting to die. 

"Now the city is running out of fuel, so the emergency services has had to stop their work. Houses have been destroyed so people have no homes.

“The Syrian people have waited for the international community to find a solution to stop the massacres of Assad and Russia, but now they are giving up hope.”