Anti-war protesters moved from Parliament Square

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Scuffles erupted outside Parliament as anti-war protesters were forced to move on yesterday afternoon. Officials from the Greater London Assembly were pushed and shoved as they moved tents and other paraphernalia from the semi-permanent "peace camp", watched by police.

Twenty demonstrators against the war in Iraq shouted "shame on you" as their belongings were shifted. The GLA said it was enforcing a bylaw which prevents protests on the grass in Parliament Square. An official added: "They are only allowed to be on the pavement."

He stressed they were taking no action against the veteran peace campaigner Brian Haw. His colourful anti-war display, which is on the pavement across the road from St Stephen's Tower, was left untouched.

However, as the rest of the camp on the grass was removed, Mr Haw berated police for not intervening.

A GLA spokesman said: "The square is neither appropriate, nor does it have the sanitary facilities to serve as a campsite."