Are these the missing Chipping Norton exchanges?

The PM has failed to reveal emails to Rebekah Brooks. David Randall gets a sneak preview...
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Dave I'm told Osborne left a message on your voicemail asking you to brunch on Sunday. Why not come over to us instead? Something to discuss. Rebekah

Rebekah You must be psychic! Yes he did! Blown him out now. We'll be over at 12 for drinkies as usual? Are we riding? Dave

Dave Riding depends. Got old nag from the Met, but liable to kick out at anyone who looks like a demonstrator. So keep to the bridleways! R

Rebekah Sam and I say thanks for super nosh on Sunday. Hear what you say about BSkyB. Do what I can, but old Cable is a bit of a bed-blocker. D

Dave Don't worry about Cable. Telegraph planning to ambush him. How do I know? Don't ask! R

Rebekah How do you know these things! Cable on his bike re BSkyB. Any thoughts on replacement? D

Dave Jeremy Hunt is pretty on message if his voicemails are anything to go by. Rupert says you'll know which side your bread's buttered. LOL. R

Rebekah I think your email's been got at. Found the following in my inbox. Guess all on your address book have had it. Rotten luck. D

Dear Mr Honourable David, my name is Odinga Odinga and I would like to interest you in investment opportunities in digital media in Nigeria ….

Dave Re. Nigeria. No, it's not spam. That's Rupert's new man in Africa. He thought you might like a slice of the action. Maybe next time. LOL. R

Rebekah BTW, what's this LOL? Are you getting fresh, you broody old thing? D

Dear Mr Cameron,

I write on behalf of the compliance department of News International. It has reached our attention that you have been engaged in a correspondence with Ms Rebekah Brooks, who recently left our employ.

May we ask that you keep all that passed between you confidential and on no account – I repeat NO ACCOUNT – release these emails to the Leveson Inquiry. Or else.

Yours etc,

News International Compliance Directorate

As released, privately, to David Randall