A look back at our key AV articles

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4 May 2011: Britain's long and painful journey towards a truly fair electoral system

4 May 2011: A guide to the pros and cons of AV

4 May 2011: Leading article: Just say Yes to voting reform

4 May 2011: Leading article: Banish apathy and vote to change politics for the better

3 May 2011: Dominic Lawson: Vote yes, or no – the outcome will barely make a difference

3 May 2011: The maths of AV: A small step towards a fairer vote

3 May 2011: Neil Kinnock: AV will bring a new vitality to our democracy

2 May 2011: Revealed: the 29 anti-reform MPs who would lose their seats under the AV system

1 May 2011: Leading article: Make this the last time you vote with an X

1 May 2011: Vince Cable: No wonder the Tories are so scared of AV

26 April 2011: 'This is our chance to hurt Cameron'

25 April 2011: Mary Ann Sieghart: Vote Yes for evolution, not revolution

25 April 2011: The mixed messages of the AVs and AV nots

24 April 2011: Party politics: Why Yes to AV is right up our street

22 April 2011: Johann Hari: If you get the X Factor you'll get AV

22 April 2011: The Johann Hari podcast: The AVs vs the AV-nots

21 April 2011: AV debate: The voting system that Cameron is fighting for is a veritable novelty

18 April 2011: Ed Miliband: 'This is a referendum on the voting system. Not on Nick Clegg'

18 April 2011: Andrew Grice: This referendum is a tricky one for Miliband

17 April 2011: Leading article: Myths on voting reform must not prevail

17 April 2011: Why Churchill is hardly the font of all knowledge: Debunking the myths surrounding AV

17 April 2011: Hardeep Singh Kohli: Ignore cricketers. Listen to, er... a comedian

13 April 2011: Leading article: The No campaign is built on fear and cynicism

3 April 2011: John Rentoul: Here we go again, voting tactically...

30 March 2011: So who's behind the AV PR campaigns?

30 March 2011: Leading article: The referendum campaign on voting reform has begun. Does it matter?

29 March 2011: Two weeks to ensure you have a say on the Alternative Vote referendum