Blair attacks 'unacceptable' Israeli action in Gaza

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Israel's military actions in Gaza yesterday were branded "unacceptable and wrong" today by Tony Blair.

At Commons question time, Mr Blair called for the Palestinians and Israelis to sit down together, talk and try to move towards a negotiated settlement.

Mr Blair said: "We entirely understand the concerns of Israel about acts of terrorism. But what happened yesterday was unacceptable and wrong.

"What is very clear now is that we need to do several things. We need to press on with the proposals for disengagement from the whole of the Gaza and parts of the West Bank.

"We then need to allow the international community to help moderate Palestinians re-establish control and authority in those areas over which they will have control and authority.

"And we need, above all else, to begin a process that allows us to restart proper negotiations that lead to a final status settlement.

"That would happen far more easily if the terrorism stopped. I think we all have a responsibility to do two things - do what we can to stop the terrorism but to act in accordance with international law and make sure we get to the point where Palestinians and Israelis can once again sit down in proper negotiation and negotiate a settlement, which is what I'm sure the majority of Israelis and Palestinians want to see."