Blair is Thatcher's 'next choice'

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Baroness Thatcher has said there is "nothing to fear" from a Labour government under Tony Blair, it was confirmed yesterday by Paul Johnson, the Thatcherite commentator.

Confirmation that Lady Thatcher privately believes Britain will be safe in Mr Blair's hands will blow a massive hole in Tory election strategy, which is based on the fear of a "leap in the dark" with Labour.

"As Thatcher has said to me and to others, we have no reason to fear a Blair government," Mr Johnson revealed in the Sunday Telegraph. "Ideally, she would still like to lead the country herself. That now seems impossible. But Blair is her next choice."

Mr Johnson says the former prime minister told him she regards the Labour leader as "a British patriot" and "she is confident not only that he will refuse to sell the country short but that he will be a match for Kohl, Chirac and their like." Mr Johnson opined: "I suspect that to Thatcher ... Blair is the 'good' son she never had."