Blair rounds on 'unfair' press over Cuba camp

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The Prime Minister rounded on newspapers yesterday for "very unfair" coverage of the treatment of suspected Taliban fighters at Guantanamo Bay.

Tony Blair told the Commons that the American attitude to the prisoners at the US naval base in Cuba had also been distorted. The Government has faced increasing anger from its own backbenchers over the conditions faced by the captives. Their protests have been fuelled by photographs of the men shackled and kneeling.

David Atkinson, Tory MP for Bournemouth East, protested over suggestions the US would try the accused terrorists in secret, adding: "Justice for the victims of 11 September should be seen to be done."

Mr Blair replied: "There has not been a decision yet as to how these people should be tried. But I do believe that over the past few weeks we've seen some very unfair reporting as to exactly what has happened."

Later, the Foreign Office minister Peter Hain said the British suspects were being humanely looked after.