Blair's pay packet: How the cash keeps rolling in

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The news that Tony Blair had signed up to be an adviser to the Wall Street bank JP Morgan was received in some quarters with the equanimity you would expect. "Blair's $1m-a-year payback for Iraq – anger as ex-PM takes part-time job with bank making millions from war" ran Friday's Daily Mail. The odious comparison industry sprang into action, contrasting Blair with other former prime ministers, some of whom had not hitherto been noted for their asceticism. Lady Thatcher, Sir Harold Wilson and Sir Edward Heath were all rolled out as paragons of probity in retirement.

But there is no doubt that Blair's appetite for loadsamoney earnings is on an unprecedented scale. Almost, one might say, rivalling that of John Pierpont Morgan himself. Like old JP, however, the details are apt to take on ever more fabled proportions with each re-telling. Time, therefore, to consult our revenue and organisational flowchart of Tony Blair Enterprises.