Blunkett urges police to adopt 'can-do' approach

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Chief constables and beat officers were criticised by the Home Secretary yesterday for failing to adopt a more "can-do" and "inspiring" approach to crime-fighting.

David Blunkett also took a tough stance on his proposals for changes to pay and conditions in the police service, telling officers' representatives that "reform is coming" whether they liked it or not.

In an apparent swipe at British police chiefs, the Home Office yesterday paid for the former New York police commissioner Bill Bratton to fly to London to lecture them on how to bring down crime.

Mr Blunkett is apparently becoming frustrated at the lack of enthusiasm among officers for his police reforms, which include the creation of civilian patrollers.

Delivering a speech in central London to all 43 chief constables of England and Wales, Mr Blunkett said: "There has got to be reform and there has got to be a can-do mentality."