BNP support fueled by 'social breakdown, not immigration', report says

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High levels of immigration into an area does not result in the local community supporting the British National Party, a report revealed today.

The Institute of Public Police Research (ippr) conducted analysis exploring the roots of the BNP's support.

They found that the more immigration an area has experienced, the lower its support for the far right.

Instead the study suggests that political and socio-economic exclusion such as a lack of qualifications and poor social cohesion are more important factors of BNP support.

The ippr said that mainstream MPs should "resist the notion that people have been driven into the arms of the BNP by the harm immigration is causing to their communities."

A spokesman explained: "Instead, they must focus on building strong communities and strong education systems, and on rebuilding trust and confidence in democratic politics, so that marginalised people do not feeling so disconnected.

"This should allow them to both better serve the interests of these communities, and undercut support for the BNP."