'Braying toffs put women off politics', says top businesswoman

Whistles CEO Jane Shepherdson is considering entering politics

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One of Britain’s most successful businesswomen has attacked “braying toffs” in Parliament for putting women off politics.

Without singling anyone out, Jane Shepherdson, the chief executive of Whistles, said she was considering entering the political arena herself after watching Ukip’s victory in the European elections.

The 53-year-old was previously the brand director of Topshop and is credited with starting the trend of “fast fashion” in the 2000s.

Ms Shepherdson is pushing for more female involvement in business as well as Government, calling for 50 per cent female quotas.

In an interview with Red magazine, she said the European elections results inspired her to get “politically active”.

She added: “It’s just so depressing. So maybe it’s time.”

The Deputy Prime Minister voiced similar concerns at a meeting held by Mumsnet on Tuesday.

The forum is petitioning the Government to reform Prime Minister’s Question Time to be move inclusive, after a survey it conducted concluded women found the weekly shouting match “outdated and unprofessional”.

“Pretty well everything about PMQs embarrasses me,” Nick Clegg said.

“I think it is just a sort of shouty, aggressive, loud, old-fashioned, clapped-out way of doing politics.”

He dubbed it “a bunch of blokes” yelling at each other but claimed he usually sits “mute”.

“Westminster cannot carry on as it is, it’s just too off-putting to too many people,” he added.