Hard Brexit opponents now have website guiding them how to get best EU deal

New site will provide resources for campaign to come

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Opponents of hard Brexit will be able to access a new website guiding them how to fight for the best deal for the UK’s EU withdrawal.

Open Britain’s OB One-Stop-Shop website will be launched in February allowing activists to access campaign materials like leaflets, training and advice on how to battle for the best outcome.

The organisation is now expanding its grassroots network into Brexit backing areas, with new local groups established in the North East, Staffordshire, Kent and Norfolk.

Stuart Hand, Director of Field Campaigns of Open Britain, said: "We are, first and foremost, a grassroots organisation, which is why the OB one-stop-shop is so important. This is bottom-up campaigning.

"We want to establish a campaign against a hard, destructive Brexit across every part of the country, which is why we are particularly focusing in the early part of this year in establishing local activist groups in areas that voted to Leave and reaching out to Leave voters.

"It is great that our activists have responded enthusiastically to investing in the tools that will allow them to campaign locally on the issues they want to campaign on. It is going to be vital to have a nationwide network of campaign groups if we are to stop a hard Brexit."

The organisation is currently running campaign’s to keep Britain in the EU’s single market and guarantee the rights of EU citizens in the UK and Brits in Europe.