Theresa May meets EU's Donald Tusk for the first time since triggering Article 50

The European Council President will meet the Prime Minister at Downing Street

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Theresa May will meet European Council president Donald Tusk on Thursday for the first time since she triggered Article 50 and began the formal Brexit process.

The Prime Minister will meet with Mr Tusk at Downing Street for talks, billed as "discussing the way ahead on Brexit".

Mr Tusk last week told the UK that "we already miss you".

He also warned that there was "nothing to win in this process" of Brexit negotiations, describing the process as being "about damage control".

The council president has outlined ten red lines for negotiations. Key points include Brexit talks taking place before trade talks begin, a financial settlement of the UK's liabilities to the EU, and a guarantee for the rights of EU citizens based in the UK.

He also also demanded that the UK do not "side deals" with EU capitals, that it gets no special deals for the city of car makers, and that it would lose access to EU free trade deals.

On Wednesday members of the European Parliament voted to back a similar series of red lines laid out by its Brexit lead Guy Verhofstadt.

Those guidelines included a two-year time-limit on any transitional deals.