Brian Donohoe: ‘Cringey beyond cringe’ – Labour MP’s video about how websites work dubbed the most embarrassing ever made

MP for Central Ayrshire explains in the video how it is 'good to be able to communicate with people in the modern age'

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It can be hard for an MP to appeal to all of his or her constituents, with the old and the young likely to have very different reactions to many of the things a politician does.

One Labour MP in Scotland, however, seems to have united the general public in agreeing that a video message on his website is one of the most embarrassingly cringe-worthy ever made.

Brian Donohoe, who at the height of the expenses scandal made headlines for reportedly claiming £75 over the limit for a three-piece sofa suite, has had a video greeting visitors to his website for at least the last couple of years.

Yet it has recently come to public attention after being uploaded to YouTube under the title: “The most embarrassing MP of all time!!” – and few who have seen it appear to disagree.

In his video, the MP for Central Ayrshire explains how it is “good to be able to communicate with people in the modern age”, asking the user to “explore the site, take in the content, examine it in detail”.

Hundreds have commented on a link to the video posted on the Order-Order website, and on Twitter the reactions are largely summed up by @juux, who wrote: “Labour MP Brian Donohoe introduces his new website. Cringey beyond cringe.”

Souvid Datta tweeted: “Oh man. Some MPs really know how to inspire,” while Natalie McGarry said: “Aargh… I actually feel sorry for him.”

The wider website itself,, was described as “just brilliant” by Twitter user James Austin, and Lauren DH observed that it appeared Mr Donohoe had “discovered clipart and just can't stop”.