Britain warns it may opt out of EU asylum proposals

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Britain also opposes rules limiting the time that failed asylum-seekers can be detained before deportation.

The rules require the agreement of all 25 EU member states. The European Commission said the rules would not block international agreements to allow the return of extremists to their homelands.

Franco Frattini, the Security and Justice commissioner, said the directive would tighten procedures by preventing people expelled from one state entering any European nation.

A Commission statement said the proposals had been drawn up to guarantee "clear and transparent common rules concerning return, removal, use of coercive measures, temporary custody and re-entry, which take fully into account the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms of the persons concerned."

A Home Office spokesman said: "As with all EU asylum and immigration measures, we will look at whether or not signing up to them would help the UK's own efforts to run a fair and effective asylum system."