Brown to set out economic priorities

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GORDON BROWN, the Shadow Chancellor, is to seek to answer criticism from some of his own colleagues in a series of speeches setting out his economic agenda, writes Colin Brown.

He is planning an attack on Tory 'vested interests' to mark the opening of a spring offensive on the Government in the run-up to the Budget.

But it will also be seen as an attempt by Mr Brown to show himself as a 'moderniser' and answer the criticism by some colleagues that Labour's economic policies are too conservative.

Mr Brown's friends angrily rejected the allegations, reported in the Independent, and accused his critics of internal party wrangling by attempting to portray Mr Brown as an opponent of the modernisation of the party.

The Shadow Chancellor's speeches will be seen as a shift in Labour thinking. Instead of defending the old nationalised industries, Labour will be seeking to attack the Conservatives on their own ground, for failing to allow the market to work to the advantage of the customer.