Budget 2013: how does it affect you?


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Full analysis of George Osborne's speech and whether it affects your home or business

In brief:

Budget 2013: Last-minute cuts spare Osborne's deficit blushes

The Debate: Ed Miliband denounces Chancellor in rowdy Commons scenes

Alcohol: A boon for beer drinkers Chancellor takes penny off a pint

Media: Evening Standard editor apologises after Twitter leak of Budget frontpage

The Budget at a glance

Budget winner or loser? Download our TaxFax (pdf)


In depth:

Home Ownership: A £600,000 house with a 5 per cent deposit: the future of the housing market?

Childcare: Poorer working families 'will miss out' on Osborne's family support

Budget 2013: Winners and losers

Sin Taxes: Penny off a pint could uncork a legal hiccup

Pensions: Chancellor makes 400,000 more people eligible for revamped state help

Education: Headteachers sceptical about claims that schools cash is protected

Public Sector Pay: NHS workers bear brunt of cuts as pay freeze is extended

Energy: Cash for fracking: George Osborne's offer to local communities

Infrastructure: Big road and rail projects get priority

Personal Finance: Government will 'name and shame' tax avoidance advisers

Public Finances: An ocean of red ink as George Osborne is forced to borrow more

Growth: Growing pains have had a crippling effect, and the outlook is also abysmal

Employment: Companies get boost in cuts to NI and benefits for employees

Reaction: Big-ticket spending praised, but retailers bemoan rates rises

Monetary Policy: 2 per cent inflation target remains as Osborne steers clear of radical change

Budget 2013: What George Osborne said... and what he meant

Annuities: £5,000 payout for 9,000 Equitable Life customers

Research: Scientists upset by cash snub

International Aid: Charities hail strong line on overseas help

Scotland: Changes give Holyrood an extra £176m

Income Tax: Allowance rise introduced a year early

Motoring: Firms to benefit from ultra-low emission cars

History: So, how do you budget your way out of a recession?


Independent Voices:

David Blanchflower: Osborne, a part-time Chancellor, is just fiddling on the edges of the economy

Andreas Whittam Smith: When wealth is flaunted, poorer people suffer

James Moore: Chancellor says he'll level with us - but he and the Coalition are running out of time

Gareth Epps: Osborne has got the little things right - and the big things wrong

Steve Richards: Trapped by his own ideology, the Chancellor is lonelier than ever

Editorial: Missed targets and more gloom

Hamish McRae: Recovery takes time. But, with a bit of luck, we could be back on the right track

Donald MacInnes: Who says reggae music has no place in the House of Commons?

Deborah Ross: Stay-at-home mums and working mums - lay off!

Margaret Pagano: Some of Osborne's tiny changes could give a big boost to British industry

Rick Muir: Cut in beer duty is welcome tonic for Britain's suffering pubs

James Ashton: A change of mindset (and another miracle) would really help the economy

The Sketch: Young MP's victory was bittersweet... a bit like the Budget really