Budget 2015: everything you need to know

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George Osborne has delivered one of the most radical Budgets in years, announcing a landmark national living wage, a host of tax giveaways for the middle classes alongside severe cuts to the welfare budget in the first all-Conservative Budget in nearly two decades.

The links below provide a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about the Budget:

First things first

Read George Osborne's Budget speech in full
Video highlights of the first Conservative Budget in 19 years

The Measures

Public sector pay rises to be capped at 1 per cent
Corporation tax just got cut again
Greener car discounts to be removed to pay for road-building fund
'Non-doms' will be forced to pay full tax on foreign earnings
Tax up on insurance for cars, homes and holidays
Tax giveaways but severe welfare cuts announced
Millions of low paid workers to see pay rise by more than a third
Osborne promises £8bn more annual funding for NHS
Universities will be allowed to raise fees beyond £9,000
Tax credits and housing benefit to be cut for two-child families
HS1 boss asked to draw up Network Rail rescue plan
Tories poised to relax hunting ban without new Commons battle
New devolution deals for English cities to be announced within months
Osborne unveils tax giveaways for middle classes but severe welfare cuts

The reaction

New housing policy will cut affordable house building by 14,000
Students react to maintenance grants being scrapped
Osborne’s living wage 'will leave 60,000 people without jobs'
How will people be affected by George Osborne's measures?
Rent reforms 'will massively constrain' efforts to build affordable homes
Five things you need to know about the 'living' wage
Business leaders hail 'welcome' cut in corporation tax
Investors balk at tightening of buy-to-let tax restrictions
Public sector pay cap prompts fury from unions
New deal for Cornwall fails to impress nationalists
Commitment to spend 2% of GDP on defence praised by US
Scotland will be battered with harsh austerity, says SNP


The story of the Budget in four charts
Budget 2015: The winners and losers
Why the Budget is a disaster if you're under 25
What George Osborne said... and what he really meant
How George Osborne eased the great Whitehall spending squeeze
Three ways the Budget announcement is bad news for students


You think you'll be paying less tax? Think again...
Small businesses bear brunt of living wage
Why George Osborne's strategy makes no sense
"'Pay to stay' will bring about the death of social housing"
Osborne seeks to be progressive, but he's still in thrall to Thatcherism

What you may have missed

Protesters block roads around Parliament ahead of Budget
Watch Iain Duncan Smith perform double fist pump during Budget
How a new haircut made Osborne aware of the plight of low earners