C-charge critic 'to run transport'

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A leading critic of the congestion charge and of London's free travel scheme for the disabled and elderly is being lined up for a crucial transport position should Boris Johnson win the mayoral election, according to campaign sources.

Daniel Moylan, chairman of the London Councils' Transport and Environment Committee and deputy leader of Kensington and Chelsea council, could be the next chairman of Transport for London (TfL). He led opposition to the congestion charge in his borough.

Mr Moylan has described the free-travel Freedom Pass scheme – introduced in 1984 – as one of Ken Livingstone's "best hidden stealth taxes". The Conservative councillor has called for the scheme to be taken out of mayoral control, leading Labour to accuse him of seeking its abolition.

Now, according to sources involved in the election, Mr Moylan has been telling fellow Tories that he is being lined up to take over the position of running the Tube and bus network at TfL.

Mr Johnson has refused to call for abolition of the congestion charge.

In February, Mr Moylan said Mr Livingstone's £25 charge on high-polluting vehicles was "completely misguided, yet totally in character". He said the charge was "a hugely expensive way of not achieving much reduction in pollution".

A GLA source said Mr Moylan has been telling friends "from day one" of Mr Johnson's campaign he will chair TfL. Neither Mr Moylan nor Mr Johnson's office would comment last night.