Cabinet reshuffle: Nick Robinson announces Nicky Morgan as the new 'Education Sexretary'

He then followed this up with an ill-advised metaphor comparing Esther McVey's journey into Downing Street with a fashion show catwalk

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Nick Robinson was left red-faced today after a ‘freudian slip’ of political proportions saw him announce new Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, as the new “Education Sexretary”.

In a tweet sent out moments after David Cameron confirmed Morgan's new role in the Cabinet, the BBC's Political Editor appeared to suffer an acute case of “fat finger syndrome”.

Robinson, however, quickly refuted he was to blame for the message, saying that the iPad that he had been using to tweet updates of the cabinet reshuffle had been stolen by a “half-wit".


Robinson posted: Just for clarity Nicky Morgan is new Education SeCretary (and not whatever the half wit who stole my iPad typed before ...)

It was not a great day on social media for Robinson, who had earlier tweeted a controversial message likening Esther McVey’s walk into Downing Street with a fashion show catwalk.

He then followed the metaphor up with a bracketed sentence which read: “ (Sorry if sounds sexist but wasn't me who said reshuffle for women)”

This comment led to a string of Twitter users complaining at the Robinson’s comparison.

While his performance in front of the camera is usually impeccable, when it comes to social media Robinson has been known to make the odd faux pas.

Just last month, he had to change his mobile phone number after he posted a tweet with his number included.