Call for windfall tax on energy companies

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A union leader will today renew the call for a windfall tax on "greedy" energy companies, arguing that Labour supporters expected the Government to take action.

Tony Woodley, joint leader of Unite, will say at the party's annual conference in Brighton that at least 2.5 million families were living in fuel poverty, yet energy companies continued to increase their profits.

He will say: "A time when ordinary people need to see that the Government is on their side, it's more important than even a year ago that the greedy energy companies are forced to stop ripping off every household in this country.

"A windfall tax on the greedy oil companies is what the country demands, is what Labour supporters expect, never mind any unidentified legal barriers that prevent us achieving our aim."

Mr Woodley said a windfall tax, and higher taxes on those able to afford them, would help Labour draw "clear red lines" in the run up to the general election.