Cameron and Clegg declared gifts late

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David Cameron has been rebuked by the Electoral Commission for taking more than two years to register the free use of a helicopter during the Tory leadership contest. The gift by his father-in-law, Viscount William Astor, was worth £7,285.

He was among 14 MPs criticised by the Commission for failing to declare donations and gifts on time.

Mr Cameron accepted the use of the flight in October 2005, but failed to register it with the Commission until early this year. Details of the flight were included in the Commons register of members' interests, but in a further blunder by the Tory leader's office, were listed under the wrong name. A spokesman for Mr Cameron said: "As soon as this omission was brought to David's attention he corrected his entry in the Electoral Commission register." He said the Commons register had also been amended.

Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, was also criticised for delays in registering donations worth more than £14,000. He did not notify the Electoral Commission of six cash gifts he received from three supporters, between December 2006 and last November.