Cameron attacks 'alarmist' talk about spending cuts

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The Prime Minster warned against scaremongering about the impact of drastic cuts last night as he countered claims from police chiefs that it would be Christmas for criminals.

David Cameron urged care over alarmist language, adding that he believed people understood the need for the cuts.

He also tried to tackle concerns that benefits such as child benefit and the winter fuel payment could be cut as part of the comprehensive spending review, to be announced on 20 October. Mr Cameron told The Daily Telegraph: "You do have to look at whether we can afford to pay all the benefits that we are paying out and whether they are fair."

He said he understood that the public needed reassurance as the country braces itself for the expected swingeing cuts. "There will be an ability over time, once you've sorted out debts and deficits, to give people back something from a growing economy," he said.

"Solve the problem of the deficit; we'll have a stronger, fairer, greener, more balanced economy."

Mr Cameron said reducing the deficit was one of a number of "red lines" defining Conservative interests in the coalition with the Liberal Democrats. Labour has warned that the Government is gambling with the economy by cutting spending.