Cameron attacks 'neo-con' foreign policy

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David Cameron has called on America and the rest of the world to reject "neo-conservative" policies in the post-Bush era so that democratic nations can act with "moral authority". Setting out his approach to foreign policy in a speech in Pakistan, he described himself as "a liberal Conservative".

Although aides denied he was attacking the outgoing US President, his remarks will be seen as a call for a new start. A day after visiting Afghanistan, the Tory leader said: "We should accept that we cannot impose democracy from 10,000 feet – and we shouldn't try. Put crudely, that was what was wrong with the 'neo-con' approach, and why I am a liberal Conservative." Mr Cameron said: "A moral mission requires moral methods. We must not stoop to illiberalism, whether at Guantanamo Bay or by passing legislation for excessive periods of detention without trial. We must not turn a blind eye to the excesses of our allies – abuses of human rights in some Arab countries, for example."