Cameron: Government must do more to protect us

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The Conservative leader David Cameron today criticised the Government for not "doing enough to fight Islamist extremism at home, or to protect our security".

These are the main points from his speech.

* The Government has done things it should not have done. Tories were "extremely concerned" about the freeze on the Home Office budget for three years. He called for more investment in police and security services to prevent any future atrocities.

* There are things the Government has not done which it must do - like making intercept evidence available in court. Existing laws must be strengthened to ensure suspected terrorists, and those that incite them, are prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned - or when appropriate, deported.

* Promises have not been fulfilled - like following through on the Prime Minister's 12 point security plan and recommendations on community cohesion.

* Mr Cameron called for a dedicated Minister to pull together counter-terrorism efforts, a dedicated border police and a new Bill of Rights to replace the Human Rights Act to "better defend our security and our freedoms".

* He questioned why so few preachers of hate, if any, have been prosecuted or expelled, with those that have gone having done so voluntarily.

* The Government must "do the right things ... do them now and follow through so that good intentions are backed by effective delivery".