Cameron hopes to watch big match with Germany's Merkel

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David Cameron is hoping to watch at least some of England's vital World Cup football clash with Germany on Sunday with his German opposite number Angela Merkel, he said today.

The pair are attending the G8 summit with other leaders in Canada, but may break off from discussions on Sunday to catch at least part of the second half of the match, said Mr Cameron.

The Prime Minister said the tension of the game was getting to him, and joked about the prospect of him doing a football-style celebration if England won or even wrestling Ms Merkel to the ground if Germany beat England on penalties yet again.

Mr Cameron also said he had recruited Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to England's cause, after his team suffered early elimination following a shock defeat by Slovakia.

Looking ahead to the match taking place while he and the German Chancellor are in talks at the Muskoka summit, Mr Cameron said: "There is an idea we might try and watch it together. I will try not to wrestle her to the ground during penalties, but we will have to see."

And, in a round of broadcast interviews at summit venue Deerhurst, he said that watching the match with Ms Merkel would be "an interesting experience".

"I am sure we will have some friendly conversations before the inevitable comes up," he said. "I don't think there will be sledging going on.

"Let's hope it doesn't go to penalties. I'm not sure the collective hearts of the nations can stand it."

Asked how he would react if England won, Mr Cameron joked: "Are you expecting me to put my shirt over my head and run round the table? I think probably not."

He added: "I commiserated with Prime Minister Berlusconi about the Italian team, but he is now claiming Fabio Capello as one of his own, and is going to be supporting England, so I have notched up one supporter.

"I'm desperate for us to win. I have obviously experienced, like we all have, so many crunch England-Germany games. I am not sure our hearts can take another one. So, no extra time, no penalties, please."

Asked to predict the result, Mr Cameron said: "I just want an England win. One (goal) is enough."

Mr Cameron said he was optimistic about England's chances.

"They are a great team. We have got some incredible players. We have got a great manager," the PM said.

"We are playing in the right climate - we have got everything going for us. I will be there cheering along with everyone else."