Cameron puts his best foot forward

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Perhaps it was the spring sunshine that tempted him. Maybe it was the latest gesture heralding an era of "new politics". Or he could just have forgotten where his Jaguar was parked.

Whatever David Cameron's reasons for not making the short trip from his new home in Downing St to the Palace of Westminster in the comfort of his state-sponsored carriage, the Prime Minister certainly surprised commuters and tourists yesterday afternoon by covering the 500m on foot.

With just a couple of bodyguards for protection, a sharp-suited Mr Cameron marched down Whitehall ahead of his first appearance in front of the Prime Minister's despatch box. He travelled light, clutching a single folder, containing a bundle of government papers. A brisk walk has already become routine for the new PM. Last week, he walked over to welcome the Business Department's new Secretary of State, Vince Cable. Nor is his decision to forgo a motorcade a new one. Last week, he revealed he had declined to have police outriders parting the traffic for him. If it was a gesture designed to bring him closer to the people, it worked: his car got stuck in traffic on Friday.