Cameron will reward firms that are green

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David Cameron will set out plans today to reward large companies that protect the environment and champion flexible working.

The Tory leader will call for major employers to be encouraged to pursue "socially responsible" policies. Those that adopt "green" practices, promote family-friendly hours and have a good record on health and safety could face fewer inspections and less paperwork under a Tory government.

Mr Cameron will float the ideas at a conference on social responsibility, the concept that he wants to put at the heart of his party's appeal to voters.

He also said that the party's plans to devolve power in the NHS could mean health trusts determining local pay and conditions rather than national settlements.

The Tory leader stepped up his attack on Gordon Brown yesterday, challenging him to call an early election if and when he became prime minister.

He said Mr Brown would not have a "full-throated" mandate, because Tony Blair had previously insisted he would serve a full term, he told BBC1's Sunday AM programme.

"So in my view it would be good to have an early election so that can be tested."