Campaign for Democracy: Have your say

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In the wake of the expenses scandal, we are living in potentially revolutionary times. After decades of growing disenchantment with our political system, many voters are restless and seeking genuine change to the way in which this nation is governed.

For the past two decades, The Independent has led the debate for a more progressive and equitable form of politics, campaigning hard for a modernised parliament and monarchy, a fairer voting system and a less centralised system of government. Today, as the demand for genuine reform grows daily stronger, all three party leaders have joined forces to set out their visions for the future - while our political team examine some options available for reform (see the links below).

But this must not just be a debate held in Westminster and Whitehall. In the comments form below let us know what you think needs to be done to repair our politics - and over the next few days, we will continue to lead this debate that is so vital to our future.