Campaign quotes

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"Labour's had a good kicking, because we have lost contact with our own members and supporters, who either stayed at home or voted for other candidates. We need a little humility." Paul Flynn, Labour MP

"If the Archangel Gabriel had stood with the name Winston Churchill, Ken would still have won. The way Labour handled the selection of its candidate pretty well handed it to him on a plate" Lord Archer, former Tory Mayoral candidate

"The fact that I am streets ahead of the official Labour candidate is something we are taking a lot of pride from" Steven Norris, defeated Tory mayoral candidate

"To all the people who have helped in any way with my campaign, it was not always easy. I believe the message was right but we found it difficult to get the message across. So as the principal messenger, I must accept my full share of the responsibility for that failure" Frank Dobson, defeated Labour Mayoral candidate

"Obviously it is a disappointing result for Labour. We had a lot of faith in Frank. He is a genuine man, but obviously has not won and that is disappointing" Jim Fitzpatrick, Labour MP

"My first day and the tube breaks down. It is ridiculous" Ken Livingstone, London Mayor