Coalition accused of 'sleepwalking into an energy crisis'


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The Coalition has been “sleepwalking into an energy crisis” and must adopt a £65bn plan to insulate Britain’s homes, Unison general secretary Dave Prentis has claimed.

Unison, which has 1.3 million mainly public sector members, will launch a report at its energy conference tomorrow that outlines the benefits of making every home in Britain reach a minimum energy efficiency standard over 15 years.

Nearly 7 million homes in England are currently rated in the lowest three bands of E,F and G for energy efficiency, but Unison claims that bill payers could save £300-600 a year if their dwellings were insulated to at least a C rating.

Unison argues the scheme would reduce winter related deaths. In the 2012-13 winter, 31,000 people died from the cold or related illnesses like influenza, up 29 per cent on the previous year. 

Energy secretary Ed Davey will be handed the report tomorrow and Unison will also push the Labour Party to endorse a plan it claims is “revenue positive” despite the outlay, as 129,000 jobs would be created.

Mr Prentis said: “The sobering reality is that the UK is one of the worst equipped countries in the developed world to deal with increased energy prices. The country desperately needs an ambitious long-term approach to eradicating the scandal of fuel poverty and we cannot wait a moment longer to begin.”