Conference diary

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End of an era

After 70 years, Britain's politicos have said goodbye to the Golden Mile. Next year Labour heads to Manchester and the Tories to Birmingham.

Worst job

Twelve press officers transcribed all 8,837 words of David Cameron's unscripted speech within 100 minutes.

Broken taboo

First recorded use of the word "pissed" in a leader's speech.

Security risk

ITV's party took a surreal turn when security refused to allow the seafood bar into the Imperial. "They had to check each oyster," sniggered channel boss Michael Grade.

Hero of the week

John Major rarely intervenes in political spats. So when he accused Gordon Brown of using Britain's forces in Iraq for cynical electioneering, it had added impact.

Fringe of the week

Standing room only when Steve Richards of The Independent interviewed shadow Chancellor George Osborne.

Good week

The Tories. The doomsayers predicted dissent in the face of a snap election, but the party put on its most united face for more than a decade.

Bad week

Although party chairman, Caroline Spelman, seemed to disappear from view.