Conference diary

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Ming's Kennedy tonic

Someone in Ming Campbell's media team has a wicked sense of humour. Minutes after Charles Kennedy received a rapturous welcome in his first conference speech since he was ousted as leader, his successor staged a photocall. It took place in a juice bar, where the strongest tipple on offer was a "hangover fix" fruit smoothie.

Power Problems

Achieving power has never been easy for the Liberal Democrats - and conference organisers were plagued yesterday by problems with the electricity supply to the Brighton Centre. At one point the lights briefly went out as a delegate berated the leadership: "I'm not satisfied we've got our ideas across to the public."

On Massage

Lib Dems are being offered the chance to relieve the pressure of conference week with a £10-a-time massage. Winding up before the crucial tax vote, a nervous-looking environment spokesman Chris Huhne pleaded: "Put me at the front of the queue."

Good Day

Vince Cable, the treasury spokesman, whose contentious overhaul of Lib Dem tax policy won much bigger support than expected from delegates.

Bad Day

Evan Harris, the leading opponent of leadership plans to ditch the 50p top tax rate. He said: "I'm currently a frontbench spokesman... but I'm looking forward to being sent on a sightseeing trip to Antarctica shortly after this."

Today's Agenda

9.30am - Emergency debate on the Middle East

10.20am - Speech by Vince Cable, the treasury spokesman

11.20am - Speech by Simon Hughes, the party president

11.40am - Emergency debate on rural communities

3pm - Speech by Sarah Teather, the education spokeswoman