Corbyn insists he can win the next general election

The Labour leader also wants to see more funding for the NHS and schools in tomorrow’s Budget

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Jeremy Corbyn is “very confident” Labour can win the next general election and has insisted the Labour Party’s support should not be underestimated.

The Labour leader told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme: “We are very confident of the support we can get in order to win an election, to take our case to the British people. Don’t underestimate the support there is for the Labour Party, don’t underestimate the anger there is out there at the levels of inequality and injustice in our society. We’ll expose all of that, that’s where our case is very strong."

Asked about what he would like to see in tomorrow’s Budget, Mr Corbyn replied: “What I would like to see is sufficient funding for the NHS and social care. I think that’s a key. What I would also like to see is [the Government] addressing the issues of the school funding crisis, which means that many schools are now faced with the horrible prospect of laying off teachers or teaching assistants, classes getting bigger and children’s support in education getting less. I want to see those issues addressed.

“I also want to see something very positive about housing, particularly development of council housing, so that people can get somewhere decent to live, rather than having to pay often very excessive rents for inadequate-quality private rented accommodation.”

Former Conservative leader William Hague has also urged Theresa May to call a general election early, to build a substantial Conservative majority in the Commons ahead of the Brexit negotiations with the EU. Ms May has ruled out doing so on several occasions.