Corrupt police chiefs could lose pay-offs, under new plans

Home Secretary also wants police whistle-blowers protected

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Chief police officers who are sacked for corruption or misconduct face being stripped of their compensation pay-offs, the Government has signalled.

Disciplinary panels would be given the power to order their forfeiture all of their payments under plans set out by the Home Secretary, Theresa May.

Announcing a consultation on a shake-up of the police disciplinary system in England and Wales, Ms May promised that whistle-blowers who report wrongdoing in the ranks would be shielded from official rebuke and protected from reprisals.

She said disciplinary hearings and appeals involving senior police officers would be held in public and headed by legally qualified chairs.

The proposals follow a review of the police disciplinary system in England and Wales by the senior Army officer Major General Clive “Chip” Chapman.

They are being put out to consultation, but the Home Secretary said she intends to implement the measures, designed to make the system “robust, independent and transparent”, by next year’s general election.

She said: “The integrity of the men and women who work in the police service of England and Wales is critical to public trust in policing. Real or perceived misconduct or corruption dents that trust and makes policing by consent more difficult.

“The vast majority of police officers behave appropriately and conscientiously, which makes it even more important to root out misconduct and malpractice and hold those responsible to account.”