David Cameron accuses Jeremy Corbyn of not understanding the threat Isis poses

The Labour leader opposes British military action in Iraq and Syria

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David Cameron has accused Jeremy Corbyn of not understand the threat posed by the Isis militant group.

The Prime Minister said the Labour leader had entirely ruled out any military action against the group.

“The leader of the opposition, I think, he doesn’t seem to be any circumstances and I don’t think frankly he sees what the Isil risk is,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“This is a group of people in Iraq and in Syria not only causing mayhem in those two countries but who are plotting day by day to kill and maim people on the streets of Britain and America and Australia, and France, and the rest of Europe.

“The rest of Europe has woken up to this threat and is taking action but I don’t think the Labour leader seems to see that.”

By contrast he said his own Conservative MPs who were against an attack on Syria had “understandable concerns” about military action.

Jeremy Corbyn speaks to crowds gathered at the Manchester Cathedral

Mr Corbyn’s has previously said Britain should work with allies in the region to encircle Isis and cut off its supply lines.

He said Iran, Turkey and Russia should play a greater role in ensuring the group cannot fund itself by selling oil and ensuring it cannot procure weapons and supplies.

Mr Corbyn, like his predecessor Ed Miliband, is opposed to military action in Syria and has said he will vote against the dispatch of British forces.

There have been suggestions Labour MPs could get a free vote on the matter.

Isis controls large swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria, which is claims are a state.