David Cameron hosts meeting of first ministers


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The leaders of the UK's devolved administrations were in Downing Street today for a meeting focused on the economy.

Prime Minister David Cameron hosted the joint ministerial council summit where the leaders discussed the "twin issues" of dealing with the national debt and getting growth throughout the UK.

First ministers Alex Salmond, from Scotland, Carwyn Jones, from Wales, and Northern Ireland's Peter Robinson were at No 10 for a meeting with what Mr Cameron said was a "substantial agenda".

The Prime Minister said: "We have got a very substantial agenda today, which of course is right because this should be a substantial meeting."

He added: "I think the most important issue is the economy and how we deal with the twin issues of how we deal with our debts but also getting the economy growing in all parts of the country."

At the start of the meeting the Prime Minister thanked the devolved administrations for their work on the Olympics and Paralympics, saying it was a "very UK effort".