David Cameron: Samantha helps me make decisions about 'rescuing hostages'

The Prime Minister says he values the 'strong view' of his wife

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David Cameron’s wife helps him make key ministerial decisions on hostage situations and military operations, he has revealed.

The Prime Minister told The Mail on Sunday: “She has very good judgment. I talk to Samantha about the most difficult decisions, life-and-death situations such as rescuing hostages or putting troops potentially in harm’s way."

Cameron said that, while he is supported by various bodies and advisors, responsibility essentially lies with him: “There is a whole process in Cobra (the emergency committee) and listening to military advice, but in the end I make the decision.

“You worry a lot. It is a very turbulent night when something like that is going to happen.”

He says he particularly values Samantha's practical and organisational skills. “If she’d organised Napoleon’s march on Moscow, they would have reached Vladivostok in good time,” he said.

The pair have come under criticism in the past for allowing the lines between public and private to blur.

Last month The Belfast Telegraph claimed he left vital crisis talks in the city to attend an Ibiza-style “rave” for Mrs Cameron’s birthday.

Shadow Secretary of State Ivan Lewis said: "I have no problem with David Cameron attending a family celebration.

"However, his unwillingness to remain in Northern Ireland for a longer period in order to broker progress caused serious concern at the time."

Cameron values his wife's opinion on the most difficult decisions

In 2013, Cameron was criticised for failing to declare his wife’s stake in a company planning a massive housing development on greenfield land in Lincolnshire, which would push up land prices and benefit shareholders.

A Cabinet Office spokesman later said: “The Cabinet Secretary is satisfied that all procedures were followed correctly and that there is no conflict of interest.”

There has also been speculation in the past about whether Mrs Cameron has influenced her husband's positions on gay marriage and intervention in Syria.