David Cameron urges Labour MPs to defy Jeremy Corbyn and support Isis airstrikes

PM says Government will push ahead with vote despite Mr Corbyn's victory

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David Cameron has suggested that Labour MPs should defy their new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and support the Government in voting for airstrikes against Isis in Syria.

Mr Cameron indicated that despite Mr Corbyn's victory the Government intended to push ahead with a vote in Parliament that authorise airstrikes and provide the first real test of his leadership.

Asked whether Mr Corbyn's victory made airstrikes less likely Mr Cameron replied: "I think that will depend on Parliament. It doesn't necessarily depend on the views of one person."

Mr Cameron insisted that there should be no distinction between a humanitarian response to Syrian refugees and military action.

"We need to do the right thing and that means a comprehensive approach that says you've got to help refugees, you've got to help the political process in Syria to replace that appalling Government and yes you do need to defeat Isil.

"We are doing that directly in Iraq, we're helping others in Syria. Of course that sort of action is not the whole action - you've got to look after the refugees,you need governments that can look after all their people, you need to fight corruption, you've got to do all those things.

"But you shouldn't rule out one part of what is an essential comprehensive solution."


Mr Cameron also held out the prospect of a political solution in Syria - after he was urged by the Lebanese Government to soften his hardline stance on Assad.

"Their view like me that the transition required in Syria is a new Government and a transition away from Assad," he said.

"I agree with that. We should continue to talk to neighbouring countries, talk to other powers including the Russians and others, about the pressing need for a Government in Syria that can represent all of the people."