Destination, destination, destination: The Camerons head off on holiday... again


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It’s time for the yearly tabloid screaming fit about where (and when) the Prime Minister is off on holiday.  So news that David Cameron  has “jetted off” to Ibiza only days after the Woolwich stabbing has set off a red-top frenzy and sent Rupert Murdoch scuttling to his smartphone to tweet: “With UK on terror alert, Cameron off on holiday in Ibiza. Unbelievable.”

Never mind that the terrorism-alert level hasn’t changed and that British PMs have sunned themselves in far bleaker times, including Winston Churchill, who in July 1945 chillaxed in France before the Second World War was even over.

Even Cameron deserves a break (I’m sure he has a BlackBerry), but The Independent would have more sympathy if he hadn’t insisted on posing for so many cheesy pictures for the Cameron family album.

Padstow, Cornwall, 2008

It all started well with the famous “Boden break” in Cornwall before he became PM. Cameron was soaring in the polls and looked relaxed with his wife. His standard holiday uniform of blue polo shirt makes its first appearance.

Daymer Bay, Cornwall, 2010

Cameron follows his “staycation” success with another trip to Cornwall. Samantha looks cheery and pregnant, to the delight of the Downing Street press office.

Tuscany, Italy, 2011

Cameron courts disaster with the restaurant industry by failing to tip a waitress in Tuscany. Escapes scandal by rushing home early to deal with some rather nasty riots.

Polzeath, Cornwall, 2012

The PM is back on safe ground with the public after a chilly minibreak. Cynical backbench voices point out he had two breaks within a month of each other.

Mallorca, Spain, 2012

Reports come in Dave is actually a good tipper but the public demand SamCam takes control of the wardrobe after another smart-shirt, jeans and shoes disaster.