Did Blair mislead the nation and will it change the way you vote?

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Lucy Bomford, 33, Student

Previously voted Labour. Will vote Lib Dem

"I was at the anti-war demonstration in London with all the others and I definitely felt the politicians did not listen to the people but I didn't feel at the time that we were being misled. But what we have found out in the last couple of days definitely suggests there was not a legal basis for going to war. I would not have voted Labour anyway because of Tony Blair's decision to go to war so my vote has not changed as a result of what we've learned now."

Brenda Rideout, 76, Retired

Previously voted Labour. Will vote Labour

"I think Blair was probably doing what he thought best at the time and the Tories agreed with him so the same thing would have happened if they were in. I think the war should not be brought into the election because we should be concentrating on things happening here, such as in schools and hospitals. There are a lot more important things to deal with. I am definitely not changing my mind as a result of what's come to light. I'm a lifetime Labour voter."

Jamie McHale, 22, Student

Previously voted Labour. Will vote Liberal Democrat or Green Party

"I think it's very difficult to tell if he misled the nation because no matter how many documents are released, we are not going to know the full story. Tony Blair was probably given information and acted on it believing what he was told. Whether it was the correct information we just don't know. I get the impression there is a lot more to this story than whether Tony lied or didn't lie. My reasons for turning away from Labour have more to do with ID cards and erosion of civil liberties."

Carla Bower, 25, Managing editor of 'Emel' (Muslim lifestyle magazine)

Previously voted Labour. Will vote Liberal Democrat

"Yes, I feel I was misled and the nation was misled but I don't think too many people feel for it. Tony Blair comes across as a well polished politician which automatically raises suspicion. I think he genuinely thought he knew better. At the time, I wanted to trust him because I wanted to think he knew something. I think he did intentionally mislead us but I don't think it was with the worst intentions. I had already decided to change my vote."

Mike Carberry, 52, Independent financial adviser

Previously voted Labour. Will vote Labour

"I am 100 per cent in favour of Tony Blair and the decision of the Government to release the report; it shows they are transparent and it clarifies the situation. It shows what they did was legal ... it is proven that the war was legal. Even Gordon Brown, who is not an idiot, has come out in support. They have come clean. It shows you how desperate Michael Howard has become to constantly attack Mr Blair's personality. This will boost the Labour party at the election."

Sheila Griffiths, 88, Retired lecturer

Previously voted Conservative. Will vote Conservative

"Undoubtedly, Tony Blair did mislead the nation and has been obscuring the truth. The whole thing has been a big jigsaw with pieces of information being released all over the place. It is still difficult to know what the Cabinet actually saw. There is a question mark about everything this Government says about Iraq but it looks as if the war was about regime change and not weapons of mass destruction ... and that is a matter of trust and I cannot trust Mr Blair."