Doctors say performance pay would cost pounds 300m

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THE GOVERNMENT was served a warning yesterday that imposing local pay bargaining on hospital doctors would cost the country an extra pounds 300m, writes Celia Hall.

Doctors at the British Medical Association annual conference in Birmingham said they 'would not tolerate' performance-related pay agreed locally.

John Chawner, chairman of the BMA consultants' committee, said if the Government introduced local pay bargaining as intended, consultants would insist on pay for hours they work for free.

Mr Chawner said: 'The cost of this unpaid work will be pounds 300m. If that's what the Government wants, so be it.'

Virginia Bottomley, Secretary of State for Health, said she was disappointed with the BMA response.

'The BMA has for many years supported the distinction award system for consultants,' she said, referring to secret extra payments made to senior consultants on top of national salaries.