Double defeat for Tories in by-elections

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Tories crashed to landslide defeats in the latest council by-elections.

Labour's Diane Todd gained at Heath Hayes East and Wimblebury, Cannock Chase District, Staffordshire.

The swing to her party topped 11% since May's council polls which took place on the same day as the general election when Tories had scored a spectacular win in the parliamentary constituency on a 14% switch.

In another blow for Conservatives this week, Liberal Democrat Rosemarie Hollinghurst won a sweeping victory at Aldbury and Wigginton, Dacorum Borough, Hertfordshire.

Labour easily defended a Woodhouse seat at Sheffield despite a big Lib Dem squeeze on the Tory vote. Ukip boosted its vote share to come third ahead of Conservatives.

It also came second with more than a third of the vote at Burnham Church, South Bucks District.

Analysis of six comparable results in August suggests a projected 2% Tory nationwide lead over Labour.

However a calculation based on five contests fought both times by all three major parties gives a line-up of: Lab 33.0%, C 32.8%, Lib Dem 24.2%.

Counting is taking place today at Brotton, Redcar and Cleveland Borough.

After a daytime count, Labour held on at Brotton, Redcar and Cleveland.

The ward is in Middlesbrough South and Cleveland East constituency not Redcar which saw a shock Lib Dem general election gain.

The latest council result amends the projected Tory lead, based on seven comparable contests in August, to 2.5% over Labour.

The new calculation based on six wards fought both times by all three major parties gives a line-up of: C 34.2%, Lab 33.6%, Lib Dem 22.3%.


Cannock Chase District - Heath Hayes East and Wimblebury: Lab 418, C 238, Lib Dem 153, Ind 30. (May 2010 - C 1149, Lab 1104, Lib Dem 840). Lab gain from C. Swing 11.4% C to Lab.

Dacorum District - Aldbury and Wigginton: Lib Dem 593, C 305, Lab 18. (May 2007 - C 475, Lib Dem 306, Lab 53). Lib Dem gain from C. Swing 25.8% C to Lib Dem.

Redcar and Cleveland Borough - Brotton: Lab 565, Ind 351, Lib Dem 315, C 220, BNP 33. (May 2007 - Three seats Lab 858, 728, 647, Lib Dem 637, 581, C 422, Lib Dem 405, C 365, Ind 280). Lab hold. Swing 3.2% Lib Dem to Lab.

Sheffield City - Woodhouse: Lab 1855, Lib Dem 757, Ukip 491, C 154, BNP 143, Green 83, Ind 58. (May 2010 - Lab 3633, Lib Dem 1693, C 1118, Ukip 739, English Democrats 331, Green 210). Lab hold. Swing 2.9% Lib Dem to Lab.

South Bucks District - Burnham Church: C 459, Ukip 276, Lib Dem 80. (May 2007 - Three seats C 506, 504, 493, Lib Dem 240, 222). C hold. Swing 4.8% Lib Dem to C.