Dummy or anorak: The conference quiz

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1. What did Ed Miliband spend his first Labour conference looking for?

(a) Gordon Brown's marker pen (b) Harriet Harman's coat (c) David Miliband's banana (d) Tony Blair's principles

2. What's the title of Alistair Darling's memoirs?

(a) Gordon is a Moron (b) The Storm (c) Kiss Me Darling (d) Back from the Brink

3. Labour says it is listening, but whose ears are shown (above)?

4. Who slammed the door in their daughter's face to stop her interrupting a Radio 4 phone interview?

(a) Yvette Cooper (b) Harriet Harman (c) Ed Balls (d) Tessa Jowell

5. Who did Ed Miliband say had become part of the "squeezed middle" on the government front bench?

(a) Danny Alexander (b) Eric Pickles (c) George Osborne (d) Kenneth Clarke

6. Can you match these top Labour MPs to their football team?

(a) Ed Balls

(b) Andy Burnham

(c) Ivan Lewis

(d) Peter Hain

(i) Chelsea

(ii) Norwich

(iii) Everton

(iv) Manchester City

7. Ed Miliband dropped a subject from his degree at Oxford. Which one?

(a) Politics (b) Philosophy (c) Economics (d) PE

8. Which of the following is not a member of the Labour front-bench team?

(a) Mary Creagh (b) Chris Bryant (c) Ann McKechin (d) Lord Bassam of Brighton

9. "All of us believe in dignity in retirement." Who was Ed Miliband taking a swipe at?

(a) Gordon Brown (b) Jack Straw (c) Lord Mandelson (d) Tony Blair

10. Which of these celebrities didn't support Labour at the last election?

(a) Eddie Izzard (b) Elvis (c) JK Rowling (d) Peppa Pig


1 (b); 2 (d); 3 David Miliband, Peter Hain, Andy Burnham, Douglas Alexander 4 (a); 5 (d); 6 (a) (ii) (b) (iii) (c) (iv) (d) (i); 7 (b); 8 (b); 9 (c); 10 (d)

0-4 Oh dear. Do you even know that Gordon's not leader any more?

5-8 Not bad. You know your Tony Blairs from your Tony Benns.

9-12 Better. You're smart enough to dodge a mobile phone but too slow for a Prezza punch.

13-16 Congratulations. You are such a Labour anorak you can explain how three electoral colleges and the Alternative Vote agree party policy.