Dunfermline by-election: Labour candidate Cara Hilton beats SNP to reclaim constituency

By-election triggered by disgraced former SNP politician Bill Walker's resignation 

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Labour has beat the Scottish National Party by nearly 3,000 votes to reclaim the Dunfermline constituency, in a by-election triggered by resignation of shamed politician Bill Walker.

Walker is currently serving a twelve month sentence for abusing his three ex-wives.

Winning candidate Cara Hilton said: “After the disgrace of Bill Walker, Dunfermline deserves better and I will ensure that we will be better - far better than what went before.”

The SNP won the seat in the 2011 election, winning 590 more votes than Labour.

Results of the by-election were announced shortly before 2am, with a turnout of 42.75 per cent.

Ms Hilton spoke after being elected with 10,275 votes and said Labour was engaging with voters again.

“The people of Dunfermline have rejected Scotland being put on pause for another year,” she said.

“The government of Scotland has been suspended so that a referendum campaign can be won.

“We need a Scottish Government that will address the needs of Scots, not one that will simply make promises about what will happen after 2016.

“Today Dunfermline has sent a message to Bute House and Alex Salmond: it's time for you to focus on the real priorities of Scots, not your constitutional obsession."

She praised the three former wives of Walker for coming forward to demand justice, adding: “we are only here tonight because of the bravery of three women.

“Their courage and determination must be a reminder to all of us that we need to work harder to ensure that all victims of domestic violence are able to come forward and receive the justice they deserve.”

Additional reporting by PA