Economy a priority for new cabinet, says Cameron


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David Cameron urged his Government to put all its efforts into kick-starting the stalled economy today as he held the first meeting of his new Cabinet.

The Prime Minister insisted every department had to view itself as an economic department as he welcomed new recruits to the session in Downing Street.

"I think what really matters now with the Cabinet changes, with the extensive Government changes that I have made, is that we really demonstrate that this is a Government that means business," he said. Addressing the ministers - who included rehabilitated Liberal Democrat David Laws - Mr Cameron said: "Every department around this table is actually involved in the effort to get the deficit down and get the economy moving.

"Every department is an economic department."

He went on: "I think this is a huge effort for right across government and it absolutely has got to have as much pace and effort and energy as we can possibly muster.

"It is the biggest challenge that we face in our country, dealing with these twin threats of deficit and growth."