Ed Miliband Labour conference speech: What he said...and what he meant

The Opposition leader accidentally left out an entire passage on the economy

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Ed Miliband might have fluffed his lines in his keynote speech, leaving out the minor detail of the deficit and national debt, but he did manage to talk for more than an hour at the Labour Party annual conference on Tuesday.

Here is what he said...and what he meant.

“Our brilliant National Health Service. Our brilliant National Health Service, friends.”

You are supposed to clap. Envy of the world, remember? Clap, you fools.

“The Tories are the party of wealth and privilege. Labour is the party of hard work, fairly paid.”

The Conservative brand is still a bit toxic. Labour as the party of the underdog is still a strong brand. It’s my only hope.

“The next Labour government will set aside funding so we can have 3,000 more midwives, 5,000 more homecare workers, 8,000 more GPs and 20,000 more nurses in our NHS.”

Thousands of numbers that sound both large and precise will convince people that the our plans are completely achievable.

“David Cameron does not lie awake at night thinking about the United Kingdom. He lies awake thinking about the United Kingdom Independence Party.”

I have calculated that I can accuse my opponent of political calculation, and pretend to overlook the powerful appeal of Ukip to Labour voters.

“Together we heal the sick, together we care for the old. Together we can make the NHS greater than it has ever been before. Let’s make it happen, together. Thank you very much.”

Biblical phrasing? Tick. Soaring ambition? Tick. Sub-Obama sound bite? Tick. Rock star sign-off and we’re done.