Ed Miliband warns TUC against calling strikes


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A fresh wave of strikes by teachers and other public sector workers moved closer yesterday, putting the unions on collision course with both Labour and the Coalition Government.

Amid growing calls for anti-government protests at the TUC conference in Brighton, Ed Miliband warned union leaders over dinner last night that strikes would not win public support. The Labour leader said: "It's what's happening in our economy that makes so many people angry with the Government. The question is how best to get them to change course? The public doesn't want to see strikes."

Members of the two biggest teaching unions will begin a work-to-rule on 26 September, including a ban on invigilating exams, supervising pupils during the lunch hour and refusing to cover for absent colleagues.

The TUC's general council decided to support a call to consider the practicalities of a general strike over pay and pensions.