Election 2005

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Monday, 9 May

Blair set 18-month deadline to quit

Labour's rebels study rule book

The view from the backbenches

The hurdles ahead

Tories feud over rules for leadership election

Alan Duncan: 'We haven't understood the country that we aspire to govern'

Andreas Whittam Smith: Blair must stop reigning like a monarch independent portfolio

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: The triumph of Uncle Toms (and worse) independent portfolio

Bruce Anderson: Politically, the PM is an unburied corpse independent portfolio

Miles Kington: Why the Tories should seek divine guidance independent portfolio

Leading article: A question to be answered sooner rather than later independent portfolio

Sunday, 8 May

Cabinet defies Blair in power struggle

Howard 'broke pact to stay on'

Trimble resigns after Paisley's DUP inflicts humiliating defeat

The war is over. Now the big guns prepare for battle

Constituency upsets: 'It was all about fees, Iraq and trust'

Power struggle in the Cabinet

Power struggle in the Tory Party

Janet Street-Porter: So, farewell Sandra Howard independent portfolio

Expert View: It's the balance sheet that matters, not the ballot box

Business View: The new dawn is fading already for golden Brown

The Curious Campaign Diary of Tony Blair

Leading article: Electoral reform... it must be when, not if independent portfolio

John Rentoul: So Blair wins a third term and what thanks does he get? independent portfolio

Alan Watkins: Enter Prime Minister Heep, ever so humbly independent portfolio

Peter Oborne: Howard may pay a heavy price for his candour independent portfolio

Saturday, 7 May

Blair strikes humble note as he returns

Howard to quit when leadership election rules change

Brown: the restless neighbour

Trimble loses his seat

Awkward squad could rein in PM

Howard gives the Tories back hope

Lib Dems hold inquest on strategy

Conservatives celebrate their return

Iraq war delivers victory to Galloway

24 hours in the political life on Britain

Tony Blair: 'People want to move on'

Michael Howard: 'We have begun the process of rebuilding'

Mo Mowlam: This will be a test of Blair's willingness to compromise

David McKittrick: First Unionist leader to lift siege mentality independent portfolio

Bruce Anderson: A dark horse for the job has already done it independent portfolio

Lord Steel: First-past-the-post system does not work in our contests

Deborah Orr: All hail Caesar! independent portfolio

Andrew Grice: Eight years on, why does victory feel like defeat? independent portfolio

Steve Richards: Back in business? independent portfolio

Simon Carr: The Tories have nothing to say about modern life independent portfolio

Leading article: The electorate has sent a clear message independent portfolio

Leading article: Mr Howard's legacy independent portfolio

Leading article: Realism and wreckage independent portfolio

Election Day

Thte Westminster seats total - with Labour well past the 324-seat 'winning post'

Percentage of votes by Party

Blair secures his third term ­ but how long will he last at No 10?

Blair: I've listened and learned

Howard: I will stand down as leader

Galloway ousts Labour in Bethnal Green

Upsets include defeat for man who beat Portillo

A third defeat ­ but Tories advance in the marginals and South-east

Labour's dismal performance in London casts a shadow over win

'Hard graft' leads Lib Dems to urban victory over Blair labour

Cabinet return for Blunkett as Blair looks to his allies

Blunkett to return to Cabinet

Dissidents call for PM to quit

Sacked by the voters: how to bounce back from defeat

Ferry son arrested as he lunges towards Blair


The road back to no 10: How the night unfolded

The loyalists, the protesters and the principled abstainers: how I cast my vote in this election


Michael Brown: I know how losing MPs feel... but they will recover independent portfolio

Thomas Sutcliffe: Broadcasters are all shook up as ITV's Elvis battles the BBC's excitable Tigger independent portfolio

Miles Kington: A phantom exercise in democratic choice independent portfolio

Postal voting mix-up, Millions of votes parties don't want and others

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